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Embrace the Green Revolution?

by Christian Rivera

We’ve heard it all before.  Things like “buying a hybrid car will save the planet and solve our energy crisis,” or “oil companies are just evil and greedy, that’s why gas prices are so high and they’re so rich.” 

Christian Rivera, author and concerned citizen.

Demagogues love to spew out lots of rhetoric and diatribe without intelligently examining an issue.  There are some who have been pushing the idea of renewable or “green” energy for years, expecting everyone to subscribe to the belief that things like hybrid cars, or wind farms, or solar panels are the answer to all of our problems.   Has it ever even occurred to these zealots that environmental concerns notwithstanding, the producers of these lovely technologies get filthy stinkin’ rich too?  After all, the billions of dollars the government spends on renewable energy each year go into somebody’s pocket.  Continue reading