Greece: a preview of coming attractions in America

Americans at large should be paying attention to the current crisis in Greece right now, because if we continue to allow the government to interfere with and encroach on the free-market system (e.g., entitlements, bailouts, pandering to special interest groups, etc.), America will surely be headed down the same path. Lots of Americans have become fat, dumb, and happy (YET AGAIN!), and are oblivious to the fact that that if we allow these unsustainable policies to continue to take hold of our economy, and continue to allow the tentacles of the federal government to reach ever further into places that the Framers had never intended to be, that one day in the not-so-distant future it could quite possibly cause the American dollar to plummet in value so dramatically, that it would take a wheelbarrow full of cash just to purchase a loaf of bread.


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